General Information about the Tours

Our tours start at 7:30 am at our shop in Flamingo. All tours are conducted simultaneously, allowing a group to choose any combination of tours and remain together on the same boat. Tours include complimentary fruits, snacks and non-alcoholic refreshments. Customer may bring other food and/or beverage (including alcohol) on the boat. All divers must wait until after the completion of diving to consume alcohol. Boat is equipped with a restroom. Fresh water is available for showering. Dry storage is offered for valuables. Plenty of shaded space available for relaxing.

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    All customers MUST be to the dive shop in Flamingo by 7:30 am

    Shop is directly next to CPI Spanish School, just before the bridge

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    Prices DO NOT include the 13% Costa Rican Tourism tax

    Tourism tax is added to all payments made with PayPal and credit card

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    Prices DO NOT include transportation to Flamingo

    Round trip transportation is $10-20 per person, depending on your location

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    Photo and video package available for $40 per group

    May be purchased at the end of the tour and/or customer may bring their own camera as well

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    Private tours available

    Please inquire for pricing and information

Snuba Catalina – $150 + tax

The Snuba Catalina Islands Tour is $150 per person. Includes two guided snuba dives with each dive lasting 40-50 minutes underwater.

Single Dive Snuba – $120 + tax

The Single Dive Snuba Tour is $120 per person. Includes one guided snuba dive lasting 40-50 minutes underwater.

Snorkel Catalina – $65 + tax

The Snorkel Tour is $65 per person. Includes two guided snorkel tours, each lasting 45-60 minutes.

Whale & Dolphin Watching – $50 + tax

The Whale & Dolphin Watching Tour is $50 per person. Be a guest on the boat and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Experience the benefit of being the “eye in the sky” as you watch for whales, dolphins, turtles and giant manta rays! Some animals are seasonal, please inquire for your time period.

Certified Scuba – $120 + tax

The Certified Scuba Tour is $120 per person. Includes two guided scuba dives, each lasting approximately 50 minutes. Equipment included. Requires scuba certification.

Discover Scuba Diving – $175 + tax

The Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) Tour is $175 per person. This tour allows a person without a scuba license to experience scuba diving. Minimum age is 10 years old. Mandatory completion of DSD Pool Session to be conducted before the start of the tour. Participant must complete the PADI – DSD Participant Statement. Any participant with a “yes” answer on this statement is required to have a doctor’s written permission.


In order to confirm a reservation, we require a full payment. This payment is refundable should you need to cancel your reservation. 100% refund on cancellations received 7 days or more before the tour’s starting time. 50% refund on cancellations received 3-6 days before the tour’s starting time. 0% refund on cancellations received within 72 hours of the tour’s starting time. 100% refund for weather cancellations. 0% refund if customer is more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled transportation pick-up time. 0% refund if customer misses the departure of a confirmed tour. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these policies.