We offer two boat tours, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. The morning tour starts at 8am in Flamingo, leaving Tamarindo around 7:20am, and returning to Tamarindo around noon (12pm). The afternoon tour starts at 1pm in Flamingo, leaving Tamarindo around 12:20pm, and returning to Tamarindo around 5pm. All boat tours will be conducted in Catalina Islands. The transfer will take customers to and from Tamarindo to Flamingo. The boat leaves from Flamingo marina. The SNUBA tours include refreshments (non-alcoholic) and snacks (fruit and cookies). The customer does not need any dive license or previous dive experience. We do suggest that the customer eat before going on the tour. We provide snacks, but it is usually better to avoid going diving on an empty stomach. The customer should also bring sunscreen and towels if they desire such items. There are dry boxes located on the boat, so any valuables or electronics may be safely stored away.


We also offer a barbeque beach tour. This is a 4 hour tour, 1 hour of transportation and 3 hours on the beach. The location is chosen by the customers from a variety of beaches. The 4 hour time block is also chosen by the customers. Includes transportation, snorkel equipment, beach games (frisbee, soccer, american football ect.), lunch of barbecued hamburgers, hot dogs, snacks, fruits, vegetables and beverages (non-alcoholic; we do not provide alcohol, if the customer wants to bring their own alcohol, they must purchase it prior to the time of pick-up and bring it with them).

General Information about the Tours

Currently, we have a minimum of 2 customers and a maximum of 4 customers. The maximum will be changing in the near future and will increase to 8 customers. We also offer a full scuba diving experience. The SCUBA tours are operated at the same times and on the same boat as the above mentioned SNUBA tours. If you have 1 customer, please call us. There is always a chance that we have 1 customer from another location and we would be able to combine each customer and provide the tour for these two individuals.