Go Beyond Snorkeling

Experience Snuba Today!

With over 7 million tours conducted in the past 25 years at over 70 locations worldwide, Snuba is the easiest dive activity offered in the world. Snuba has an unparalleled safety record that makes it one of the fastest growing water activities available today. You are not required to have any form of a dive license, making Snuba not only the easiest, but also most convenient way to experience diving. Snuba is so simple that you don’t even need previous snorkeling experience!

The mix of snorkeling and scuba diving is what makes Snuba so unique. A standard scuba diving air tank is placed in a free-floating inflatable raft on the surface of the water. The diver is attached to the floating raft with a pressurized air hose. The length of this hose is your maximum depth, which is 20 feet/6 meters. The diver receives compressed air from the tank through a regulator that is attached by a harness around the torso of the diver. Basically, you are scuba diving on a leash of 20 feet/6 meters.


With no bulky equipment involved, even children as young as 4 years old may participate in Snuba. After a short safety briefing, you are entering the beautiful and exciting world of diving. With Snuba, you can swim like a fish in a matter of minutes!